A Way With Words – Say What You Mean to Get What You Want

Most often, the critical factor in achieving success is not talent, skill or intelligence;It’s the ability to communicate ideas in a clear, professional and persuasive manner that leaves a positive and lasting mark on others. Contrary to popular belief, effectiveness in communication is not simply a talent that only a lucky few are born with. The ability to effectively communicate is a compilation of strategies and techniques that you will learn in this highly interactive, engaging workshop.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Gain an In-Depth Understanding of the Different Components of Human Communication and How They Affect What is Heard and What is Done
  • Learn What to Say (The Right Words, The Right Way in The Right Context) to Get the Results You Want
  • Learn How to Identify the Filters That Affect How Messages Are Received
  • Learn to Replace Common Words and Phrases that Destroy Your Authority and Credibility, and Cause Conflict with Words and Phrases that Build Trust, Credibility, and Loyalty