Building Your Bench – Keys to Building A Leadership Pipeline

Let’s face it, good leaders are hard to find and even harder to create. Every organization appears to be experiencing some sort of leadership shortage regardless of industry, size and whatever other variable you can come up with. This famine of future leaders is forcing organizations to choose between two equally damaging options: Either leave leadership positions vacant, or fill them with unproven and unqualified candidates. The realities of this situation destroy organizational goals, customer service, morale, employee retention, production and ultimately the bottom line.

The top performing organizations and leaders have learned that the ability to select, integrate and develop high level leaders is critical to their organization’s success. This workshop is designed to equip organizations and existing leaders with the tools necessary to select candidates for future leadership positions and to help determine how to develop candidates to their maximum leadership potential.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What succession planning is and why it’s important
  • The real risks of not having a leadership pipeline
  • Why some people perform well in their current positions, but aren’t good fits for a leadership role
  • The five things people want most from their manager
  • The three most important factors to consider when choosing a future leader
  • The difference between people who perform well at their current level and people with a high likelihood to succeed at higher levels
  • How to choose the most likely future leaders from the people you have
  • The top factors that kill the development of potential leaders
  • The top ways of developing employees into world class leaders