Susan G. Cummings

“Tony Chatman is an excellent speaker and presenter. He really engaged hisaudience and encouraged active participation, which was very meaningful and helped us learn. Thank you very much Tony!”

Carol Best

“I found what I came for. I felt as though Tony was reading my mind and addressing all of my issues…I left excited and expectant.”


“I think that Tony Chatman certainly is a very talented man. He’s not only a great deliverer of a message but he lives the message that he brings. He’s entertaining, he’s thoughtful, he’s intelligent,and he’s brilliant in how he custom designs the presentations that he brings to meet your needs. He’ll make you look good and your life will never be the same again.”

Bob Perrin

Tony’s conversational style in presenting material, supported by real life examples engages the audience, and makes it a pragmatic learning experience versus just another class.
Tony is a tremendous speaker and presenter. He has the ability to motivate and inspire individuals both within and outside of business settings. He has received the highest marks in post training surveys from our corporate clients.

Marcus Harwood

If you are considering engaging Tony Chatman for a speaking event or a training event your are about to make one of the best decisions in your business career. He is a very smart man who will bring nothing short of excellence and passion to your endeavors.

Kier Maxwell

“Your remarks inspired our audience to both make their dreams reality and claim ownership for their actions, despite the outcome. Your unique message and conversational style were effective tools that will certainly resonate in the minds of our audiences.”