The Force Multiplier

Everyone says, great leaders are: buzzword, buzzword buzzword.  What sets great leaders apart from everyone else is not a bunch of buzzwords.  It’s the ability to get things done through others while bringing out the best them.  It’s being a Force Multiplier.

Leadership is all about leading people.  If you can’t effectively lead people, you can’t be considered an effective leader.  The Force Multiplier is for everyone who wants to maximize their ability to lead people.

Tony Chatman provides a fresh approach to familiar, real world problems facing leaders.  He provides a practical roadmap to prepare leaders for the diverse challenges of leading people.

Learn How to:

  • Get the best out of everyone
  • Build trust, loyalty, and respect among your team
  • Transform adversaries into allies.


Whether you’re a frontline leader or a member of the C-suite, leading people is critical to your career success. Drop the “There’s no good people out there” excuse and become The Force Multiplier.