• O2E cd cover

    Ordinary to Extraordinary $59.95

    Ordinary to Extraordinary is the ultimate self development program. Whether it is losing weight, overcoming addiction or simply redefining and accomplishing your life ambitions, this program will give you the needed tools to see your ambitions come to fruition.

  • 3D Communications copy

    3D Communications $49.95

    In today’s workforce, effective communication skills are more important than ever. Whether it’s giving presentations, leading meetings, sending emails, or one on one conversations with associates, effective communications can separate those who succeed from those who fail.

    CD 1: The Three Dimensions of Communication and Effective Communications in Presentations

    CD 2: Effective Communication in Email, Leading Meetings, and One on One Interactions

  • The Personality Principle Cover

    The Personality Principle $49.95

    The Personality Principle is the perfect resource for any manager or supervisor. It allows individuals to learn to manage diverse groups of people in such a way that it keeps them from becoming difficult people. For any manager having difficulties managing groups of people this is the perfect item (comes with personality test).

  • Leadership Essentials Cover copy

    Leadership Essentials $49.95

    Leadership Essentials contains the necessary tools for managers and supervisors to excel in any and every situation Includes:

    Making the Transition From Associate to Leader

    How to Be a Leader Instead of a Boss

    How to Be an Effective Coach

    Dealing with Performance and Behavioral Issues

    Your Secret Weapon to Motivation –¬†Understanding Employee Motivation