The Human Dimension of Leadership

A recent survey states that 40% of Executives and Managers Fail within 18 months of a promotion or new assignment. Of those who fail, the vast majority fail because of their inability to build functional relationships in the workplace. A lack of interpersonal skills is also the most commonly stated disqualifier keeping individuals from being considered for executive and upper level management positions. Whether one is transitioning into leadership or working their way to the executive ranks, the ability to get things done through other people is essential for success as a leader. Those who attend this highly interactive workshop will leave with proven strategies that will allow them to more effectively develop others, resolve conflicts, foster teamwork, and increase overall engagement and productivity.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The Hidden Reasons Behind Why Different People Do What They Do
  • Not Only What To Start Doing To Increase Employee Engagement, But What To Stop Doing As Well
  • How To Get The Best Out Of People
  • How to Build Trust, Loyalty, and Respect among Your Team