Escape Velocity – Leading Through the Disruption of Change

It happened again… A new regulation.  A new technology.  And now you have to implement a streamlined process and get everyone on board, quickly!  Now more than ever, you’ll need people, process, and technology to work together.  And you don’t have time to waste.

Tony is who a retired 2-star general turned to when he needed help guiding soldiers and civilians to embrace the BRAC transition, one of the largest organizational changes in history.  Tony knows how to launch people out of the past and into the future.

Organizational transitions and transformations are always about people; it is always people who have to embrace a new situation and carry out the corresponding change. Yet most efforts to adapt to change fall dramatically short of their goal because they fail to address the psychological transitions and behavioral transformations that must accompany any successful effort to change. Transition is difficult and if poorly managed, the result can be disastrous to the productivity, morale, and stability of everyone involved.

In this no B.S. program, Tony will teach you:

  • Three explosive strategies for escaping the past!
  • The hidden secret to buy-in! (No more, “but we always did it this way!”)
  • How to Identify and overcome the most common hurdles to implementing change
  • The easy way to stay locked on your target when plans change
  • How to turn saboteurs into surrogates and adversaries into advocates.
  • How to get everyone onboard…yes even that guy.