Transition Management

Organizational transitions and transformations are always about people; it is always people who have to embrace a new situation and carry out the corresponding change. Yet most efforts to adapt to change fall dramatically short of their goal because they fail to address the psychological transitions and behavioral transformations that must accompany any successful effort to change. Transition is difficult and if poorly managed, the result can be disastrous to the productivity, morale, and stability of everyone involved. In this interactive workshop you will learn how to manage yourself and others through times of transition so that true change is achieved as well as why, where, and how people, even good people, often derail.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The difference between change and transition and why that’s important
  • The emotional and psychological process we all go through when experiencing change
  • How to quickly identify where within the transition process a person is and how to help them move forward
  • Why we and others “flip-out” during transition and how to help ourselves and others when it happens
  • Why people resist change and hold on to old ways even when those old ways are bad for them
  • How to embrace new ideas, processes and responsibilities, and help others to do so as well
  • Understand what factors contribute to how quickly a person moves through the transition process and embraces change.
  • How to identify and overcome the most common barriers to accepting change