Overcoming Blind Spots – Managing Unconscious Bias

You can’t sleep. You know it’s a problem but no one thinks they’re the problem. You know you need to be more inclusive, but you don’t know where to start. Policy changes didn’t work! Accountability did nothing. Training just made everyone feel bad. You’ve tried everything. It just won’t go away. It’s what’s keeping you up at night.

You can try all of the strategies, but until people become aware of and deal with their blind spots, you’ll be pouring money, time and energy down the toilet.

That’s where Tony comes in. He is the go-to-guy when it comes to when it comes to Unconscious Bias. He knows that bias goes way beyond race and gender. It has the potential to permeate every decision we make without us ever even realizing it. Federal agencies and corporations keep him on their speed dial because he’s uncovered the brain hack to tackling Unconscious Bias without playing the blame game.

Tony will help you uncover the secrets that the most inclusive organizations use to create a culture that attracts the best and the brightest. Your staff won’t need to take no-doze when they experience this powerfully positive program where they will:

  • No longer view bias as a touchy subject that must be avoided at all cost
  • Understand how unconscious bias acts as a blind spot affecting both behavior and decision making
  • Learn three simple mind hacks to neutralize personal bias and its effects
  • Quickly recognize and thwart bias with both individual and organizational strategies
  • Identify the impact of bias on co-worker and customer relationships
  • Prevent or reduce the consequence of bias in order to create a truly inclusive workplace